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Biggest Concerns: That her current plan is outdated or worse was never complete. Establish a new comprehensive plan that places an emphasis on frequent updates from her advisor. 

Priorities: Have a trusted team evaluate her current financial plan,  and update all necessary areas including investment choices and insurance coverage. 

Objective Look at several options on how to best move forward in managing her assets and estate. Develop a detailed cash flow report to help aide in determining which option best fits what she's looking for while practicing and also in retirement. Align herself with a team she can trust because her busy schedule doesn’t allow her to personally manage it.

Taking Action

During the first few months of Lauren's relationship with Clearview FInancial Partners, she'll work with her advisor to create a customized financial plan. They'll spend time together and outline her financial information: Income, expenses, annual retirement contributions, social security benefits, account values, home values, debt and more. 

Alongside the development of the financial plan will be the construction of her new portfolio. Lauren expressed that she isn't one to stomach big losses in the stock market and certainly doesn't want to see her account values look like they did during the 2008 financial crisis.She can't imagine going through that while in retirement. Clearview's team takes Lauren's personal concerns and objectives into consideration and develops a customized portfolio specific to her goals.