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Biggest Concerns: The risk associated with a concentrated stock position. Not having a game plan for the assets he’s accumulated. Missing a strategy to pass on his assets to his children.

Priorities: Develop detailed cash flow projection to help make decisions. Find a trusted investment team. Execute a game plan.

Objective: Look at several options on how to best move forward in managing his assets and estate. Develop a detailed cash flow report to help aide in determining which option best fits what he’s looking for. Align himself with a team he can trust to help him accomplish these goals because his busy schedule doesn’t allow him to personally manage it.

Taking Action

During the first few months of Carl and his wife Lorrie's relationship with Clearview Financial Partners, they'll work with their advisor to create a customized financial plan. They'll spend time together and outline their financial information: Income, expenses, annual retirement contributions, social security benefits, account values, home values, debt and more. 

Their plan requires careful planning and constant monitoring. Developing a tax efficient strategy for exercising stock options needs to be dynamic enough to move with the stock price but actionable enough to create confidence. That's why after the initial plan is drawn up and execution begins, Carl and Lorrie will have regular follow up meetings or conference calls with their advisor to monitor the plan and to discuss any necessary updates.