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Biggest Concerns: Not having a strategy for the proceeds from the sale of his business. Missing a strategy to pass on his assets to pass to his children.

Priorities: Develop detailed cash flow projection to help make decisions. Find a trusted investment team. Execute a game plan.

Objective: Look at several options on how to best move forward in managing his assets and estate. Develop a detailed cash flow report to help aide in determining which variation of the cash flow projection fits what he’s looking for. Align himself with a team he can trust to help him accomplish these goals because his busy schedule doesn’t allow him to personally manage it.

Taking Action

During the first few weeks of David's relationship with Clearview Financial Partners, he'll work with his advisor to create a customized financial plan. They'll spend time together and outline their financial information: Income, expenses, annual retirement contributions, social security benefits, account values, home values, debt and more. 

The initial emphasis in the report will be how to allocate his cash. It's detail will go beyond picking the investment choices but also place a focus on what type of account its best to own those assets in to minimize taxes and strategically pass them on to the next generation. All of these objectives and plans will be outlined in detail through a cash flow report. Of course, these goals change so the importance of having meetings to update them will be an important part of David's relationship with Clearview.